The Boot Helper

Do you struggle to put on your boots in the mornings?

Maybe your back is stiff after a night of sleep, or maybe you don’t have good balance. If you find yourself working harder than you need to just to put on your boots, the Boot Helper is perfect for you! Designed with your lifestyle and needs, the Boot Helper is made with you in mind. You don’t have to fight your boots or your body to put on shoes. Let the Boot Helper help you!


You need The Boot Helper!

The Boot Helper was made to ensure that its user no longer has to reach or bend to put on their boots. If you struggle with reaching down to pull on your boots or bending over to step into them, you will love the Boot Helper! The Boot Helper consists of two sturdy iron rods and a metal platform. The rods are L-shaped and are inverted. They extend from one end of the platform. This is where you will hang your boots by the “ear pulls,” or the two looped straps that are sewn onto each side of the top of the boot. Use is easy: simply place your foot in the boot while it is on the Boot Helper and press down with your foot.

With the Boot Helper, the fight to put on boots is over! Contact Raymond Montoya at to learn more and to try it out for yourself.